Tuesday, January 2, 2007

It tends to bother me when someone says "I wish I lived during the xx's"; the xx's being a variable representing whichever decade person y mentioned. I will write how this bothers me as a function of music, so as to contain my ranting and inconsistant grammer.

When you say "I wish I lived in the 60's, 70's, or 80's", the chances are that you don't really want to. The glory of living today is that we are able to find music from any decade before. If you lived in, say, 1982, and were obsessed with Minor Threat, you couldn't listen to Fugazi because they simply did not exist. As time progresses, the sheer quantity of artists naturally increases, and thus, you know, it makes more sense to wish you lived now. If you lived in the 60's and like T.Rex, well too bad, you have a few years until their greatest album, Electric Warrior comes out.

I think that, as with any decade, we feel like we are on the verge of something great. It's that generic feeling, that in most cases is complete fiction. Look at the past 7 years; musically, has anything spectacular happened? Punk Rock left the underground, America still worships bubble gum pop, etc, etc, etc... Two years ago, retro was the cool thing, with bands like Jet and Louis XIV hypothetically leading this new, great, retro revolution. Even if the whole "retro rock" suceeded, it wouldn't be anything new. Sure, I like listening to some bands that you may consider retro (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Louis XIV to name a few), but it wouldn't be anything new. It seemed as if it was a desperate movement fronted by guys who gave up on trying to create a new sound. The Beatles could have continued to be a teeny-bopper band, but instead they continuously reinvented themselves, and in each incarnation, they were still the most revolutionary band.

I'm frustratingly awaiting the revolution of a new, higher form of music. Until then...I don't know, I'll keep banging my head up against a wall.

T.Rex "Jeepster"


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